Tidbits is now going through the submission review process.

Our submission system is now closed. We will post about our winners soon!

The Theme

The theme for this first edition is wishes.

This Encompasses But Is Not Limited To:

  • Dreams
  • Hopes
  • Fantasies
  • Needs
  • Desires
  • Wish-granting entities (genies, fairies, etc)
  • Be careful what you wish for stories
  • Consequences of wishing
  • Wishful thinking

Story Guidelines

Stories can range from somber to silly; grand societal wishes to personal satisfactions; wishful thinking to wish fulfillment; real life to the fantastical; the ordinary to the extreme; having wishes of your own to fulfilling other people’s wishes; the dangerous to the banal.


Tidbits will be publishing an anthology containing 50 of the most exceptional of the submitted stories. This will be the first of a continuing series of publications of micro fiction.

Micro fiction is driven by impulse – how do you want your story to feel? It should pack a punch in minimal words but still grab the reader’s attention.



To the winner


To second place


To third place

Additional honorable mentions will be given as merited. Credits to contributors will be provided in the publication - to include short bios to be later obtained from the authors.

Submissions is closed

We will post winning submissions shortly!